Exploring how we make our visits to the High Street more experience-like

The appeal of the High Street – perhaps the appetite just isn’t there any more? With access to most things to buy online we’re seeking not only different experiences, but places off the beaten track which feel special and like a “find”. It’s been well documented that retail outlets will have to raise and alter their game and become more experience-like for visitors, but the reality is slow in coming with many retail units remaining empty.

A recent success which bucks this procrastination, delivering on many levels, is Berdoulat in Bath. Much has been written since opening a few months ago – it features in all the best magazines, papers and reviews – each seeming to describe it differently which is wherein the magic really lies.

The website speaks of period buildings, restoration and interior design, Mind Mag hones in on the cafe, House and Garden highlights Berdoulat’s salvage culture. The joy lies somewhere between a museum, a cafe, a shop and an art gallery displaying beautiful interior ideas. But more than this, there’s a feeling and an experience that would be hard to simply replicate. Rather magically, people will be mentally taking something different away from their visits – some using it for ideas, others for present purchases, the cafe for a welcome excuse to stay longer, and others just to soak up some culture.

We’re ready for this in our towns and cities, ready for different and special and for how these visits make us feel. We love to see how people use their creativity and explore ideas, shaking up the usual, the normal and giving us a destination. Harking back to the past is a welcome step we want including in our futures.